The 23 municipalities in the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Region (MRDH) are working together to improve fast cycle routes between residential and business locations. Fast cycle routes are wide, open, asphalted cycle paths or cycle streets, where cyclists have as much priority as possible. The MRDH’s ambition is to improve 250 kilometres of cycle routes. The first five routes, with a length of 90 kilometres, will be constructed over the next three years. These routes will make it more attractive for commuters to go to work by bike instead of by car. They will contribute to the accessibility of the region, to a reduction of CO2 emissions and to a healthy lifestyle for users. Different municipalities are involved in each route. The MRDH is subsidising and facilitating the municipalities in the realisation of the routes. VINU is the project manager on behalf of the MRDH, and is working together with the municipalities involved in exploring preferred routes, setting up cooperation agreements and drawing up more detailed plans.

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