We are VINU. Strategic stakeholder managers who deliver results.

We love to work on improving our urban and rural environments for the benefit of future generations. We take on projects that make a difference. We provide strategic stakeholder management services for our clients. Using our highly successful, no-nonsense Dutch approach. We’ve been delivering future-proof results since 2005. Results in the form of buy-in, sustainable collaborations and innovative long-term solutions.

Strategic stakeholder management

Cooperation between residents, companies and others involved within projects. The amount and level of participation can vary. Often this relates to information and participation schemes, stakeholder management and formal consultation in spatial procedures.

What can VINU do for you?

  • Design of participation processes and defining the ground rules and forms of interaction
  • Draw up and analyse stakeholder power-to-influence, draw up an interest matrix and ensure careful weighing of all interests within the project
  • Support participation schemes, organise working consultations and maintain one-on-one contacts
  • Implement stakeholder management
  • Consultancy on project communications
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