About us

VINU is a project management and consulting firm based in Leiden, The Netherlands. We specialize in managing complex water, infrastructure and spatial planning projects.

Our name, VINU, is an abbrevation of ‘Van Idee Naar Uitvoering’, which comes down to ‘From Idea To Enactment’. It characterizes us. We are project managers who focus on effectuating and delivering results. Our people overlook the playing field with an open and independent vision and transform ideas into acts. We are enthused by challenging public sector projects that we can really cling on to. No matter whether these projects are an early idea, the elaboration of a vision or projects in the realisation phase. We sustainably improve the environments that we work in by using smart ideas. This is obviously done in close cooperation with elected officials, public clients and civil society.

How do we achieve success? By connecting. We make contact by using a personal approach, fathom interests and facilitate a constructive debate. A thorough understanding of the contents of our field of work forms the basis for that connection. In our opinion, making these connections whilst using contextual knowledge is crucial. This is how we achieve success in water, infrastructure and spatial planning projects.


Contact us by e-mail or visit our office in Leiden.

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